Bicycle Safety Rules for Kids

Bicycle safety rules for kids  right from the start.

My children are starting to grow up and are pushing their boundaries to places I feel slightly uncomfortable.

Riding their little bikes with stabilizers often had me huffing and puffing alongside, worried they might tumble. Nowadays the stabilizers are gone, they go too fast for me to keep up and my son wants to start cycling on the road. Aggh. I don’t know if my nerves can keep pace with these developments.

bicycle safety rules for kids

I thought my nerves were shot when he took his stumbling first steps but I guess anxiety around children and the new steps they take continues on. I am sure first girlfriends, secondary school, leaving home, driving (oh my word! )  will all fill me with dread too.


We protect our children so much don’t we in all aspects of their life.

When they cycle we protect them with , bike hats, shin pads, high visibility jackets. We teach them them bicycle safety rules for kids, good bike maintenance, and being alert. We look out for their bikes by taking out insurances such as Protect Your Bubble bicycle Insurance mending any punctures  and keeping their bikes locked in the garden shed.

So now we venture onto the road with cars and roundabouts and all manner of other things to contend with, I’ll keep looking out for him but I guess it’s time for a little trust that he can manage himself too.

According to Wikipedia in Bicycle safety cyclists have 8 x the accident rate of motorists. So maybe cars aren’t that scary after all.

Oh it is hard to let go and let them grow up no matter how much protection we have in place for our babies. For they are always our babies to us aren’t they?


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