Lovely Christening Gifts

When it came to receiving lovely Christening gifts for my children I was floored by the love and thought and care my family and friends took. They didn’t necessarily splash the cash (although we did get some bonds and savings schemes) mainly they shared their kindness.

One godparent planted a tree for my son, another paid towards him learning to swim. One good friend who know we were on a budget made the Christening cake, another made sandwiches for the ‘do.’

We were given my grandfathers watch for my son, a handwritten letter for the future from my mum, a bible to keep forever from Great Gran. Such treasured Christening gifts.  My wonderful great aunt Eileen Howie came second in the All India women’s open golf tournament in her younger days and gave my son her winning spoon. How special is that!

We also, of course, got the obligatory tooth boxes and money boxes – in fact 4 money boxes. All different and so lovely. It was several months later I mentioned to my husband that I was surprised  none of the new money boxes had had a coin popped inside because I had always been told this was good luck. Have you checked, he said? Well I  would have heard it rattling, I said. He suggested I look again.

Oops! Inside EACH one I found a note. OMG I’d never even said thank you and had to make amends quick.  Do check your piggy bank gifts. There may be some money squirrelled away!

photo credit: images of money

What lovely christening gifts did your child get?


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