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Thanks to T-J Hughes for this extremely useful guest post

One of the areas of our health and well-being that women often forget about, or take for granted is their breasts. We were born with them. We either love them or hate them. Our fellas love them (haven’t met any that don’t!), and they’re also there for the really important job of breastfeeding our babies.

 We know we have to look after them. Check them regularly (monthly after your menstrual cycle), looking for anything different. We also know that we should get ‘good’ bras and regular bra fittings. But what does this mean?

Nursing bra

We’re not taught about bras, or bra fitting at school, so we’re left to find out for ourselves what’s ‘good’ and what’s not. But a ‘bad’ bra can cause some or all of the following problems:

  • Bad posture – rounded shoulders generally that may also lead to
  • Back ache and/or neck ache
  • Blocked ducts and mastitis (even when we’re not breastfeeding)
  • Fibrous cysts
  • Breathing problems

So, here’s a short checklist to check out your current bra and the ones you’ll need 6 months after you bought the last ones (yes, bras are only ‘good’ for the first 6 months of their life. Think about the work they do. That fabric has to do so much!).

  1. Start with the band – the part that goes around your ribs. Is it in the smallest part of your back? Think low, often lower than you’ve ever worn your bra before. Getting this in the right place gives you the foundation for a good fitting bra. But it must be firm. You should be able to breathe, but also it shouldn’t be able to be pulled away from your body more than 1.5cm maximum.
  2. Check the front of the bra. Is the band right underneath the root of your breast? For under-wired bras the wire should be against your rib cage. For soft cup bras, the band is doing this job. You may need to put your hand inside the top of the cup and lift your breasts up into the cups.
  3. Then check the cups. Is Are your breasts totally enclosed in the cups? Depending on the style of the bra the cup may come across the breast. Check it is not pressing on breast tissue anywhere. If you’re spilling over the top this isn’t usually very attractive with your top on, (4-boobs syndrome).
  4. The shoulder straps are purely there to pull the fabric of the cup over your breast. It is not to be yanked up to lift your breasts higher. If you do this, you will pull the band up and the shape of the bra will go and it will affect your posture. Change the style of the bra – maybe a fuller cup?
  5. Please DO NOT be bothered about the size of the bra. Our bodies change during our monthly menstrual cycle, and with age, pregnancy, weight gain & loss, amongst other things! WHO is looking at your bra size label? Is your bra COMFY? Does it give you a good shape with your clothes on? Do your breasts feel supported? Then go for it.
  6. What price do you put on comfort? If you need to save up and spend £60 on 2 bras every 6 months, that’s £10 a month for good health and well-being. Your self-esteem may also be higher if you are comfy and look good from under your clothes.

maternity bra

T-J Hughes runs bras4mums and bras4all and specialises in bra fitting advice for women of all shapes and sizes, (28-50” band, A-L cup).

Your breasts are precious to you, your baby and your partner. Without the correct support to protect your breasts you will experience discomfort and possible medical risks, including back and neck pain from poor posture and mastitis caused by blocked milk ducts. An ill fitting bra can also result in damaged breast ligaments, which increases your risk of stretch marks and sagging breasts.

Bras4all – Supporting You:

ü  Wide choice of attractive styles from comfy to sexy to sophisticated

ü  Value For Money – a bra fitted correctly will last you longer

ü  Complete satisfaction & a perfect fit guaranteed with free, unlimited UK mail order exchanges. 

ü  Trained, professional, expert bra fitters to ensure your changing shape and size is correctly supported at every stage for a great feeling of comfort and confidence!

ü  Individual service – you will be assigned a personal bra advisor to allay your individual concerns for peace of mind.

ü  Run by Women for Women – we will use our first hand experience to look after you.

ü  Experienced – established for 6 years.

ü  Home bra fitting service available in some parts of the UK

ü  Next day delivery. 



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