Babysitters on a budget – some advice

Babysitters on a budget


It goes without saying its crucial to get yourself a babysitter you absolutely trust. In the early days, a social life without baby can seem to be an impossibility, but it is really important to try and keep a life for you. In my opinion the best babysitters are the ones who do it for free out of love, Grandma or your best friends.

The golden rules of such baby-sits are

don’t ask too often,

don’t be late,

be sure they get home safe and without cost to themselves and safely

be sure the kids are in bed (if it’s at night),

leave everything they need out and easy to find and

be contactable at all times.

Nice biscuits help too.

Other ideas such a babysitting circles where you use token systems to do exchange baby-sits can also save a fortune but BE VERY CAREFUL to be sure you trust your sitters and know them exremely well and for some time. You would not leave your car keys with a stranger or someone you didn’t completely 100% know and trust so similarly I would advise you don’t leave your child. Its harsh to say but a significant amount of abuse towards children happens from people known to the family ( I know that’s unpleasnt but in an article on babysitting I have to state that)

It’s nice for baby if they feel very safe and familiar with any sitter too so do cultivate these friendships.

Payment in kind is always a brilliant concept. If Grandma sits often, maybe you could weed her garden whilst she gives baby a cuddle one day? A breather for you and some good exercise and a loving cuddle from Grandma, what could be better?

Even if you can’t really afford to go out, just popping to see friends or for an evening walk can make you feel great and not so tied down. Do try and get out and about every once in a while.

Have fun !    Bxx


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