Littlest Pet Shop Playsets Review


My daughter has never played with the littlest pet shop toys before nor has she ever seen it on TV . So last week when we were sent some of the littlest pet shop playsets to review I was really unsure if she would engage with them or not. She is 7 and has a great imagination but you just never know with toys!

First of all Lisi was delighted she got to build the sets. She is  a huge fan of constructing things and loves the feeling of satisfaction she gets when she manages to follow the instructions and put a toy together herself. She enjoyed putting these sets together and found it mostly really straightforward ( she just need a tiny bit of help)

First of all she put together the spa set and she was thrilled with the little hairdrier and bath tub that went with it and immediately placed Zoe Trent (the ex model dog) inside ready to be beautified.


Next she put together  the fun room (the playroom scene style set) the cute little pets that come with this room are Hamilton Rumble and Chomper McConnell two really cute smaller little pets. This has a fun play tube and the cutest little rocker.


She saved the biggest and best till last: Blythe’s bedroom.  Blythe is the teen girl who lives above the littlest pet pet shop and has this special bond with the animals and is able to talk to them). Blythe’s bedroom has a balcony, a bed , a chair, sliding open door a lamp  and is a really cool room. The sets come with deco bits and stickers so the y can be customised and they really are so much fun.


Sets can be stacked and added to and this imaginary world can grow and change as more sets are purchased and the child creates the world just as they want it.

Lisi hasn’t stopped playing with the little pets with their wobbly heads and distinct personalities and she has earmarked a few other sets she would like to  have for Christmas too! Even her older brother has been joining in the storytelling!


If you scan the pets in the Littlest Pet Shop app you can unlock lots of different ways to play and you can build your virtual world online too. So many play possibilities to extend these toys.

I can’t wait to show her the TV show that goes along side the toys on Pop and for us to use the app but I am going to wait a little while. She is in imaginative free fall with it all at the moment  and I love to see that an would not dream of interfering. I think she is imagining herself as the little girl who lives above the pert shop!  It’s going to add a whole new dimension to her play when we do use the app and create her world online but for now its just good old fashioned play.

These lovely toys are robust and great value and I love all the imaginative possibilities. We will certainly be buying more.

Playsets are available from Amazon and a variety of toy stores

Fabulous fun!



Disclaimer: We have been compensated for our time in writing this review. All thoughts and opinions of the toys are entirely our own.



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