Lego City Airport Cargo Plane Review

Today – Lego City Airport Cargo Plane Review

My daughter is a massive Lego fan. She has a lot of sets mainly form Lego friends and also form Lego Elves. her favourite ever Lego sets through are from the Lego Arctic range – she just adores them. Not only does she love building Lego but she also really gets a huge send of pride being able to follow often complex instructions and seeing the final result, it makes her so proud.

Her favourite thing about the Lego though isn’t the building, it’s the playing with it afterwards. Yes, Annalise does not make Lego to sit on a shelf she is one very engaged Lego player. It really sparks her imagination and she loves to make up stories and act them out with her Lego.


Lego City Airport Cargo Plane Review

I did wonder how she would like the Lego City Cargo Plane and how she would play with it.

city airportShe loved building it as always.


It’s a nice sized box consisting of

2 x minifigures

Cargo plane

Airport service car

  • Lego City Airport Cargo Plane Review

Apparently it’s going to be the private jet to her Lego hotel and  its going to transport all her passengers  and their luggage to it. It’s going to be parked next to her hotel and take them home again after their stay. They may even use it on a daytrip to the Arctic outpost.

I just love  her imagination.


The Lego city airport cargo plane is a lovely Lego set that can be used in lots of different ways.

RRp £18 and available from all good toys store as and of course from Amazon.


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