Kodak Printer ESP 7250 – A family review

The Kodak ESP 7250 is absolutely brilliant. My whole family  love it!

ESP 7250 printer front view, Kodak Printer ESP

Here is what it offers:

  • All-in-one printer, photocopier and scanner with latest Wi-Fi technology and extremely easy wireless set-up
  • Direct printing from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and blackberry
  • Photo tray and intelligent paper sensor which automatically selects the right paper for printing a document or photo. Plus built-in duplexer for double sided printing if you want to save money and time
  • Premium-quality inks and porous papers for brilliant documents and Kodak lab-quality photos that dry instantly, are water and fade resistant and last a lifetime
  • 2.4 inch colour LCD display screen and memory card slots
  • Great Kodak value! Replace all your ink cartridges for less than £20

We have been sent one by Kodak to review and it’s made us super happy.

My 3 year old is photocopying her drawings and giving each of her cuddly toys copies and she has figured out how to do this by herself!

My son is printing off facts about wild animals and wonderful quality pictures.

My husband is in his office loft sending his printing down to the conservatory shelf where it is printing away effiiciently,

And me? Well, I’m just delighted they are all so happy. I’m also, as the family financial controller, mega chuffed that you can save up to £75 a year on ink with this great printer. I’m also the kind of mum who takes a gazillion proud photos of her kids and doesn’t print them off till a year later.With this printer I can just take my camera’s SD card,  insert it directly into the printer and print!  Hopefully this will keep me more photo-organised.




Printing costs:

I’ve only had  the printer a few weeks so I can’t really comment on the prints costs but here’s what Kodak say about their printing costs:

Kodak’s easy-to-use range of inkjet printers have the lowest ink replacement costs on the market so you needn’t worry about how much you print. Independent studies show you can save and average of £75 a year on ink, based on printing as few as 4 pages a day. The savings don’t stop there as the more you print, the more you save, which makes Kodak ideal for families with children. To find out more about Kodak’s great value, and how much you could save, visit www.printandprosper.co.uk  Or visit http://www.kodak.com and follow Kodak at http://www.kodak.com/go/followus

Sounds great to me!



The printer costs £173.99 from the Kodak Store











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