Kodak Easyshare Touch

Kodak Easyshare Touch

It is no secret I am a bit of a technophobe and every time something technical to review lands on my door mat my heart gives a little judder and I think ‘oh blimey’ I need to make this work and ‘oh no’ I’m going to have to write technical stuff about it. I do adore new gadgets though once I understand them.

This one astounded me. I got it working and loaded the software, edited and shared the pictures ALL BY MYSELF uheard of in this house and nothing short of miraculous!

Apparently it is the world’s first 3 step sharing camaera. these are the 3 steps….

  1. Simply press the KODAK Share button in review mode.
  2. Select your favorite sharing destinations — FACEBOOK, YouTube, FLICKR,
    TWITTER, KODAK Gallery accounts; e-mail addresses you’ve added to your camera;
    and you can even share photos straight to an optionally purchased KODAK PULSE
    Digital Frame that’s capable of receiving pictures via email.
  3. Connect your camera to your computer with the USB cable provided and your
    pictures and videos will automatically be transferred to your computer and
    simultaneously uploaded to all tagged destinations.

It’s that easy!

The first time you connect the  camera to your computer, KODAK’s Share
Button app (a small software program) launches and prompts you to add login information for your online sharing sites and email address. After pictures will automatically be uploaded to the sharing destinations you’ve chosen just as soon as you connect your camera to your computer.

How cool is that.

You can also edit and review and add film effects to your pictures via the touch screen camera before you put them on your computer.

And it is easy……and good quality.

kodak easyshare touch

I like this very much. I often don’t share photos because of all the effort involved. This takes very little effort.

The camera cost approx £102


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