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To co-sleep or not to co-sleep that is the question! Many new parents or those with children at nursery/primary school will almost definitely experience sleep issues at some point. Many parenting books will issue warnings to you that a strict ‘no ifs no buts’ policy must be used for developing sleep habits. There are countless ‘Supernanny’s’ in the media with the most famous being Jo Frost but do you listen to her or the advice of your own parents and friends?

The vast array of opinion and verdicts can make your head spin even more than the lack of sleep you are so desperate for. As sleep vacuums away one third of our day it is critical that a family has a solid and coherent strategy for sleep


So if you decide to co-sleep there are several advantages. A key advantage is that it maximises the time that you have and this can develop an already close bond. Hard to believe but parents emit a certain smell, this is what the child has become accustomed to when a baby – this comforting factor can aid longer spells of sleep.

As a parent you may sometime be worried about night terrors or bad dreams and with a larger bed you can quickly respond if there is a cough or a cry. Children acquire so much knowledge when they are developing so it is natural for the mind to sometimes struggle to compartmentalise everything it has learnt that day.

On a purely selfish level if they sleep longer so will you. The more energy you have the more positive you can, lethargic moments in the day when caring for children can become very difficult to combat.

If you choose to co sleep a significant barrier to this is the size of your bed. Bed ranges and sizes have developed and super king size beds are cheaper than ever, this additional room will be appreciated as you can both sleep largely independently but still have the benefits of co-sleep. Sites like bedstar have really reasonably priced super king sized beds and its a wise investment should you want the extra space. Once as a family you decide to put your child in their own room and sleep independently you will receive the long term benefits that a new bed will bring you.

If you and your partner decide to co-sleep the thought of getting a bed to your home and also assembled might give you a sleepless night. Rest assured as many bed retailers will offer the service of delivery and assembly as part of their service. A new bed will also bring other benefits as an improved bed can reduce tension pressure points and the extra space allows sleepers to stretch and allow the body to adjust to the rigours of the day.

So co-sleeping is a choice that if you make can be supported by a well-considered and long term purchase of a super king mattress and bed. Hopefully a greater quality and quantity of sleep can lead to improved happiness for you and your family.

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