Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Will Last

There have been many occasions where I have thought I have come up with great kids stocking stuffer ideas to find that actually mu ideas weren’t so great and they just get looked at and ignored. Other times my stocking stuffers  ideas have been a one minute wonder destined for a charity shop bag or sadly to landfill.

I resolve to do better this year so have been actively looking for idea that will last the distance and be worth the money.


Kids stocking Stuffer Ideas that will Last


Special socks

Kids’ Christmas Socks are a sweet idea for a stocking filler and these are very cute from  SOCKSHOP  they are soft, snug and non-slip and they have  deep fur-effect fleece lined inside to keep kids super cosy. I am loving the little 3d Rudolph too. These should last at least a couple of years until outgrown and then they can be passed on. A lovely gift



Christmas cookie cutters

Christmas cookie cutters are a super cute stocking stuffer. They will be used each and every year and encourage your kids to make handmade gifts t for the friends and relatives too. Everyone loves a gingerbread man but perhaps you could get a reindeer or tree or snowflake cutter too. Cookie cutters my mum had when I was 5 are in my possession still today and my kids love to use them – they are definitely a gift that will get a lot of use and that will last the distance too.


Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Will Last


A book

Books are also a great idea to pop in a stocking and one of my favourite choices. There are some  books, especially Christmas books you know will be well loved and read again and again. How about the night before Christmas or A Christmas Carol – these  can be bought out each year and enjoyed anew. They will  probably last so long your kids will be reading it to their kids one day. Books bring endless pleasure.


Kids Stocking Stuffer Ideas That Will Last



A Photo Album

Slipping a little photo album in to your child’s stocking is a cute idea. Fill it up  with pictures of their favourite people and places and it will be something they look at and treasure all their life. No photo album of people I have loved, no matter how long ago, ever fails to make me smile. It is such a sweet gift and an inexpensive but heartfelt one too.


A Letter

My last idea for a stocking stuffer is a letter from you too your child tied with a ribbon to look like a scroll. In it would you write about a few special milestones and adventures from your child’s year. Keeping these letters year after year would build up the story of their childhood and be magical to look back on when they are older. Just lovely.


I do hope you have enjoyed this post on kids stocking stuffer ideas that will last. and hat it has given you some inexpensive and fun ideas for meaningful stocking stuffers this year.




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