Keeping our eyes peeled for thrifty tips

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I know we get adverts for lovely things to buy, things we can have now and pay later, gorgeous holidays we can barely afford but crave and tempting new store cards.

 Information abounds that can lead us to part with our cash and we can all feel a bit swamped by it and perhaps dissatisfied with out lot…but, on a much more positive note…do you know how many money SAVING pockets of information are around too! You  have to keep your eyes WIDE open!

Eyes peeled for bargains

 I hope this blog is one of them. I have the best guest posters who know loads of stuff about budgeting and are happy to share, big companies happy to run baby goods competitions and useful links and articles to help you budget

 Personally I get regular money saving bulletins from websites like uk and the Savvy Woman website is brilliant. These always perk me up and help me feel in control. 

 I listen out for other people tips and I share them when I hear them with everyone I know.

I even listen out for adverts on the TV and I do take advice e.g. I do get online car insurance quotes and make sure I have full housing insurance.

 I keep receipts and guarantees when advised. I take any goods back that are faulty and I repair where possible rather than throw away.

 I mark down NCT sale dates in my diary so I don’t miss them and I do block buy gifts in advance if I see a bargain advertised. I check out Netmums and Freecycle for any items I need to see if I can get them free or good value.

 I tell people I’m on a budget so they feel okay about sharing their bargain information with me.

 Yes there is a lot of stuff out their trying to make us spend where perhaps we shouldn’t but if we listen up there is a lot if useful money saving advice out there too. We just have to be open, sharing, organised and pro-active in following it.

 Good luck…oh and please do ALWAYS come and share your budgeting tips with 0-5’s back here!


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