It’s a onesie kind of day #savesummer

A onesie kind of day

I’m running on empty, recovering from tonsilitus and it is half way through the school summer holidays. I work full time self employed and I have one days childcare per week so I have been up at the crack of dawn and burning the midnight oil trying to fit it all in.

Am all worn out. need a ‘break’ day and so do the kids.

They have been to the seaside, pond dipping, camping, to the cinema, pot making, they have had friends to stay , been swimming, played tennis, baked, visited great grandma, crafted, been to the park, etc.

We were most definitely in need of a onesie day. Look how happy they are!

A onesie kind of day

It’s a very simple concept you just stay in your onesie from the night before..get up grab popcorn and a handful of movies and watch them all snuggled up together all day!  This was inspired by Asda’s save summer scheme.

Absolutely just what we needed half way through the summer !

Thanks to Asda who gifted the onesies and a selection of great DVDs, our choice was Home Alone 2 and it was ace! A classic. Swiftly followed by Tarzan. Wonderful!

For all of Asda’s inspiring ideas for summer check out their save summer pages



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