Is it Time to Give the Grandparents Some Time Off?

Today – Give the Grandparents Some Time Off?

Grandparents are so important in raising children these days, many young families have 2 parents working and childcare is ever expensive.


Is it Time to Give the Grandparents Some Time Off?


Is it Time to Give the Grandparents Some Time Off?


How lucky are those with helpful grandparents living nearby. Grandparents can be the budget savvy childminding resource that is the ideal solution for your family. On top of it being convenient and often free grandparent care  provides a love and flexibility  that few other child care provisions could possibly offer.

There is something so lovely about children being cared for by the grandparensts when parents are busy. It is a chance for them to really bond without you interfering!  Grandparents tend to be more lax than parents when it comes to rule s(at least that my experience) and tend to bring  different kinds of fun.

Grandparenting treasures

My mum used to teach the children silly old rhymes and play board games by the hour. She would let them have ketchup with their spaghetti instead of vegetable laden red sauce. They could watch back to back videos with her on a rainy day or park hop with an ice cream at each one on a sunny day. Oh they adored their time with her!

Grandpa plays hours of football with my son and gran helps me out each week with childcare whilst the little one swims.

They have certainly been a very big help and they do most definitely deserve a break and some lovey downtown.

Maybe you could give them a spa day ? Or how about treat them to a break? Richardson’s holiday villages provide chalets and hotel breaks on the beautiful Sussex and Norfolk coats coast for grown ups only …. how nice for granparents to have some kiddie free time just wandering by the sea, relaxing and having some well deserved time out to recharge and rest.

Giving back to grandparents

I hope you have found my post Is it Time to Give the Grandparents Some Time Off? useful – maaybe now it is time to take action?

Perhaps you could make them a lovely meal or take them out for afternoon tea s and tell them how valued they are.

Treats are nice way to say thank you and I appreciate you, but I think it really important that we remember that grandparents need a break every now and again and do actually suggest this. It is important that we don’t take them for granted. I think because they love us all so much they don’t find it easy to say no to us and ask for a week or two off! We have to remember how tired kids make us though and then add on another 20 years or so.!

I know certainly its a relationship that needs to be nurtured and not to be abused financially as well as in relation to time. Buying some replacement food, leaving a few packs of nappies at theirs and sending pocket money with all make sure grandparents aren’t out off pocket when helping you out.

It would be a shame to damage a beautiful relationship and arrangement through missing out on breaks, thank you’s and taking it for granted. My advice would be to keep mindful of the fact grandparents may need some time off and relish the support you receive.


What do you think about Is it Time to Give the Grandparents Some Time Off? Has it resonated with you? Do drop me a comment below.


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  1. May 6, 2013 / 5:03 pm

    Both my mum and my in laws watch my children while my husband and I work, you are right they could do with a break xx
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