Incahoot: a new concept to make the cost of living cheaper!

Anything that makes the cost of living cheaper is worth exploring for us parents on a budget.

cost of living

Incahoot this brillaint new site launches TODAY!  I got to have a little preview of the site and it does look very interesting. The idea is it will make the cost of living cheaper for you. Sounds good right!

The basic concept of the site is that they can negotiate exclusive offers because they have power in  numbers (all the site members) so has much more sway than an individual negotiting.  The deals did look very good on mobile broadband powewr, phones etc. The site is easy to use and they show you coampariaon prices. it costs nothing to join either (always a bonus.)

I love the site name incahoot as it indictes you are plotting and planning together against the big boys!

There is also a great blog which has some fab articles about saving money on it over there which is well worth checking out. Have fun and I do hope you make some good savings! I’m certainly going to be having a go.


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  1. January 15, 2011 / 4:19 pm

    Fantastic blogpost. Many thanks to the author, and to all the mums for helping us out.

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