A short history of clothes since getting pregnant

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I have always loved to clothes shop.  Having a baby created masses of new opportunities.

 First I bought slightly bigger clothes which was very exciting as it meant my baby bump was growing!

Then I had to buy maternity clothes which I loved and did asap so everyone knew I was pregnant. I bought lots of  slogan T’s, (Yay! I could tell the world.) I had  a lovely short denim style maternity pinafore and a red long sleeved top that said born to a yummy mummy ( I thought I was the business – oh dear!!)

I had a quick look at Very to see what is currently hot in maternity and look at these:

Sequin skinny maternity jeans and stretchy leggings!!

How cool! and they look so comfty too. It is almost worth…. !

Then after maternity clothes shopping came the wonder of baby clothes shopping

or as heavily featured in my  early baby days, returning several of very similar brand new baby outfits and getting something bigger/different.  I rarely got the chance to clothes shop for my babies becuse money was so tigh, I made sure however that I chose my daughters first ever party dress and my sons Christning outfit from a clothes shop I liked and had chosen myself. I’ll keep these forever.

Lisi’s first party dress was a blue spotty affair something like this one.

I have told you all about swishing parties and NCT sales in the past but I have to admit buying thoses outfits new was a real joy. To everyone eho gave me vouchers when I had my kids or money to spend on what I like …you know thats a really thoughtful gift for a budgeting mama, we do like to choose.

I still enjoy clothes myself and I love my kids to have nice clothes too and we get them in many ways, from friends, clothes shops with sales, NCT sales, Swishing, all sorts.  

Funny how your relationship to clothes changes when you have kids.

For you comfort may now be key and sparkles may RULE in a little girls world oh and  Character clothing anyone?


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  1. naomi richards
    January 14, 2011 / 7:13 am

    There will be no more charater clothing for me unless I am going to an 80’s party. I feel I have to now dress my age, well closer to my age. Comfort is important especially when you have bits on your body you did not have before children (no low slung jeans for me)

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