iHelicopter (what to buy an app lover for Christmas)

ParamountZone.com has just launched Lightspeed iHelicopter  the only remote-controlled helicopter on the UK market which can be piloted by iPhone or Android smartphones.



I look at these kind of toys and think oh no how complicated …but this wasn’t at all. The iHelicopter is simple to use: just download the free App from the iTunes App Store or Android Market, plug in the IR transmitter (included) and away you go! YOu get to  control and fly the helicopter  via a free smartphone App, Copter Controller.

It is a perfect Christmas gift for toy-lovers and gadget-addicts of all ages and comes at a great introductory launch price of just £29.99, half the recommended retail price if you buy it in October. I like d this and thought it was great fun. The men in my life LOVED it and got really over excited. It was even suggested that it go with them to the pub to show their mates!

This isn’t just compatable with an iphone: this model is compatible with several Android handsets toomaking it a truly accessible Christmas gift.  We crashed ours a fair few times and it survives well. Its great funa nd kids love it !

The helicopter can be controlled up/down, left/right, forward/back and is easy to use, thanks to the in-built Gyro. The App itself will be frequently updated with new features, for example, budding pilots will soon be able to enjoy the Flight Recording mode, which allows them to record a flight so that the helicopter can perform the same moves again at the press of a button.

The iHelicopter is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and supported Android phones including: HTC – Desire S, HTC – Desire HD, HTC – Incredible S, Samsung – 9100, Samsung – i9000, Moto – MB525, LG – P350, HTC – Wild Fire, HTC – Wild Fire S, HTC – Hero, HTC – Sensation.

Will cost £34.99 form November so wroth checking out now, Definately one for the app lover s and boys who never grew up!





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