I love internet shoes shopping


I really do love internet shoe shopping.

Next year we are going on a massive family holiday to Greece (11 of us!!) and I have already started shopping for shoes .

Water shoes

Near where we are staying is a pebble beach. Now not a big fan pf pebbly beaches I know it is really important you have the right  foot wear. I have just found some great quality Keen sandals that look just the job


These are machine washable and have been treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield®, antimicrobial technology that helps prevent odor, staining and deterioration, so basically they last and do the job.

It so hard shopping for sandals out of season which is when we are going but Internet shopping is just so useful when you have a specific need.


Vegan shoes

A few weeks ago I was trying to buy some small size vegan jazz shoes for my son. I trawled the internt and finally found a little place in Australia who would make them! Luckily I had also asked on twitter and after a few days a tiny store I could order form in the UK was also located. Thanks to all those who helped! Just think without thr internet and only local shops to trawl I would never have found them.

Pretty and Practical Sandals

Thinking ahead to my holidays again (honestly I am so excited about this holiday I haven’t left the UK for 10 years its going to be ACE!) I thought I would have a browse to see if I could pre-buy some cute crocs for my daughter. I love crocs, they are hugely practical for little kids, sturdy strong and easy to get on. I was delighted to find over on the Jellyegg site that they had some quite unusual girls crocs which are just a little bit different. Perfect!


Candace Clog Cotton Candy, feminine version of classic crocs

Hurray for internet shopping..for finding vegan shoes, water shoes, unusual shoes and out of season shoes. Whatever did we do without the internet .

Wellies in Greece?



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