How we save money and time with a second child

Leading nursery brand Munchkin has commissioned a survey investigating the difference between having one child and two. With 3,000 mums taking part, there were some very interesting and encouraging results!

 The study has revealed 75 per cent of mums feel more relaxed with their second child, and as a result are less likely to treat them with ‘kid gloves’. As such, the stats reveal second children will more than likely go onto solid foods slightly earlier with 26 per cent of ‘second time mums’ less likely to make the baby their own special meals after weaning, and simply blend whatever the family is having. When it comes to splashing out on purchases for the new baby, mums are more likely to accept second-hand clothes, and spend less money on toys and treats. In fact, a quarter of all mums admitted to being more relaxed and confident with their second child.

Five things mums admitted to doing differently with their second child

1.     Leave to entertain themselves for short period whilst they get on with some housework

2.     Started weaning them slightly earlier than six months

3.     More willing to accept second hand clothes

4.     Spend less money on toys and treats

5.     Let them watch ‘older television’ at a younger age than their older sibling

Dr Amanda Gummer is a leading authority on child development, play and parenting with over 20 years experience. Her aim is for every parent to feel comfortable and relaxed with how they parent their child. Amanda states: “These findings suggest that it’s the little things that mums do that are different with their second child. With two, mums naturally start to work smarter because they have so much to get through each day. Generally when the second child comes along, mums have become much more confident in their parenting abilities and developed their own style.”

Claire Rayner, a spokesperson for nursery brand Munchkin adds: “This poll is very insightful and confirms that having two children means life becomes even more of a juggling act for mums. With the first, there is just one child to look after and mums can give their undivided care and attention. It is understandable that mums will be more confident the more children they have, and we think this confidence should be celebrated.”


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  1. July 3, 2011 / 3:25 pm

    Yes I certainly was more relaxed with number 2. His sleep and what he ate. I also did baby led weaning with number 2. I am definately a relaxed parent with both of them now – now they are through the nappy wearing stage!

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