How to use Sainsburys budget calculator

Today –  How to use the Sainsbury’s Finance Budget Calculator

The calculator takes you through four easy steps to help you understand where your money goes and how your spending compares to the national average.

We’ve used the information published by the government in the Family Spending Survey to calculate the average amounts that people spend on certain things. The survey is based on information provided by 6,000 UK households.


How to use Sainsburys budget calculator

Step 1:

Get started by telling us a little bit about your household. Are you married? Living alone? Caring for children or elderly relatives? Retired? All of these things will have an impact on the kinds of things you spend your money on.

We will also ask you how much you earn because of course your income will also have a big influence on the amount that you spend on things.

Step 2:

Next tell us how much you spend on all the regular things such as food, fuel, transport and other things. We will use this information to compare what you spend with the average spent by other people in the same living situation and earning the same income as you.

Step 3:

Take a look at the amount you are spending on certain things in comparison with the amount that people like you spend on average. You might see some interesting differences.

Step 4:

Your results are available to download in a printable format. You can also find out more about the Family Spending Survey and read more from Sainsbury’s Finance about clever ways to make your money go further.

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  1. July 11, 2011 / 2:51 pm

    This looks like the kind of thing we need will be having a look at this thanks xx

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