How To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

From the excitement of finding out you are pregnant to the pressures of preparing for your baby’s arrival, the importance of staying healthy throughout your pregnancy can sometimes be overlooked in favour of other priorities. However, keeping your health in the best shape is crucial to the well-being of both you and your baby during this time, so in this blog, we’ll discuss our top tips on staying healthy during pregnancy.


How To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Eat Well For Both Of You

One of the best ways to stay healthy during pregnancy, and help your baby grow and flourish, is to eat well. Fuelling yourself with a balanced diet high in fruit and vegetables will give you the energy and minerals you both need. It’s also important to take any prenatal vitamins recommended by your doctor or midwife, as these can ensure that both you and your baby are getting all the nutrients you need for an uneventful pregnancy.

There are also certain things to avoid consuming while pregnant. Drinking too much alcohol, for example, increases the risk of your baby suffering from Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), which can cause learning or behavioural difficulties. Some foods, too, can pose a risk to your baby; avoid eating sushi, soft cheeses, or rare meats, as these products have the potential to cause food poisoning, which can be harmful.

Get The Best Treatment

Going to your prenatal care check-ups is not only the best way to make sure that your pregnancy is healthy and that your baby is growing as expected, but it will also give you a massive mental health boost to know that everything is ok. As well as ultrasound scans, there are a variety of treatments like relaxation and massage, as well as reflexology available for pregnant women.

For example, The Health Suite Leicester offer a top-class range of services for expecting mothers, which will help ensure the best outcome for both you and your baby. Taking advantage of the best treatment options available throughout your pregnancy will keep you healthy and reduce your risk of concerns, and at The Health Suite Leicester, you’ll know you’re in safe hands.

Plan The Best Time To Get Pregnant

If you’re planning to start trying for a baby soon, you must try to plan for getting pregnant at the best time possible. Ideally, you should try to make sure that you are at your healthiest when trying for a baby, as statistics show age and history of pregnancy can affect the wellbeing of your little one. Women under 16 years old, or over 40, are statistically at a greater risk for premature birth, as are women who have been pregnant already in the last 18 months.

Overall, the benefits of staying healthy during pregnancy are clear, and by making sure that you are planning to get pregnant at the best time, as well as giving yourself the best chance for a healthy pregnancy possible by seeking out high-quality treatments, you can make sure that your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible, and let yourself get excited for the birth of your little one.


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