3 Skincare Treatments You Should Splurge On

With countless skincare products on the market today, you might feel pressured to buy every p[roduct that comes up on your Instagram feed or that you see on display in Sephora. As you probably know, however, skincare is not cheap. While it’s true from refraining from purchasing every expensive product that catches your eye, there are a few products worth splurging on due to the benefits they have for your skin. Using cheap products that are lower quality forces you to run the risk of causing damage to your skin; so, in some cases, spending the extra money is worth it.

For skincare lovers on a budget, these are the products you should splurge on.

Skincare Treatments You Should Splurge On


Moisturizer is one of the most important parts of any skin routine or beauty regime, regardless of your skin type. Moisturizer provides skin with extra hydration and replenishing lost nutrients, all while providing a barrier that protects your skin from harsh environmental factors. Investing in a high quality moisturizer with the best available ingredients might be pricey, but it will make all the difference in the look and feel of your skin.


Anti-Aging Products

For an anti-aging product to be successful in showing results for your skin, it needs to contain high quality ingredients like retinol, which is not cheap. Investing in a good anti-aging skincare line is worth the price, since it is an investment in preserving the quality of your skin over time.

Skincare Treatments You Should Splurge On

Facial Treatments

Skincare treatments such as facials or microblading that are done at a local salon or accredited medical spa such as The Institute of Natural Health are a great way to invest in your skin, as they can treat problems such as acne, dry skin, discoloration, scarring, and more. While some spas might offer discounted skincare treatments, using the most high quality products and tools mean that a good treatment will not be cheap – but it will be worth it.


Splurging on skincare is worth it when the money is being invested into treatments or products that will preserve the look and feel  of your skin in the future.


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