How to Save on your Christmas Shopping

How to Save on your Christmas Shopping

There are certain things that we always to buy in our family at Christmas time .I call them our Christmas Shopping Essentials

We always have a big box of Thornton’s chocolates. We love Thornton’s and a huge box of their chocs is a treat that stretches back to my childhood and will probably out live me…though at the moment the kids would rather have choccy buttons  which is a big plus point. I got this years box for just £5 from our local supermarket, no clue why they were so cheap but such a good deal.

Pringles are another luxury  we always purchase at Christmas. I try and normally succeed in finding a two for one offer on these. We always had Pringles with our Christmas nut roast  all plated up with our veg and roasties and I thought this was what everyone did.  No one else seem to do this but it is a staple for our Christmas dinner!

New PJ’s are always a Christmas Eve treat..all part of being ready for Santa. Christmas shopping online for these is always cheaper if I check for discount codes first. Over at  My Voucher Codes there are a host of discount voucher codes  for all sorts of of different stores and these are just a huge boost when shopping for gifts ( and anything really – it is always worth a check!)

So we have new Pj’s, chocolates and crisps  (sounds good to me!)

My daughter usually gets taken by her gran to buy a gorgeous new party frock too  and the always go to Debenhams and choose something VERY princess like. It may well be worth Gran using a Debenhams discount code next year as these Princess party dresses aren’t cheap!

My hubby always likes a bottle of whiskey , the kids have to have gold coins and I always like a new mascara.  I buy these when I see they are on a special offer and stash them away till Christmas. No one needs to know when they are bought do they?


There are lots of ideas for Christmas on a budget over at family budgeting do pop and have a look!

What tips do you have for how to Save on your Christmas Shopping?



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