How to save for a holiday

Today – How to save for a holiday

As I’m sure regular readers will have noticed all this cold weather has turned my mind to holidays. The savings pot has been started and I am thinking ahead.

How do you decide how much money you’re going to spend on a holiday, and how much to take with you? How do you decide how to save for a holiday?


How to save for a holiday

Some people save all year for their holiday, some even longer. Others take off at a minutes notice with scarcely a thought to the cost. Whatever type of person you are there is some budgeting advice that is key – we all need to know how to save for a holiday.


How to save for a holiday

My key piece of advice would ensure you can really afford the holiday you take, have insurance if its necessary and enough spending money. Also, do make sure you are not going to spend months penny-pinching because of a week of fun,  You may find holidays on Expedia for fair prices and my advice would be to book ahead of time for the best deals. I’ve had expensive holidays and I have had cheap ones…the expensive ones were not always the best.

When I look back to my childhood my most memorable holiday was a caravan in Skeggy with my Granny and my Grandad lots of chips, arcades and paddling. Such happy memories and precious days. The people you are with is always one of the most important aspects of a  holiday, isn’t it?

I once spent a lot of money going on a package holiday with 2 pals who didn’t know each other. they did not get on very well. It was not a big success. 3 is never a great number is it and I really didn’t think it through. I might have planned the budget but I didn’t plan for a relationship fail!

When I look back to my twenties I remember the last minute trip to Nice, Cannes and Monaco in the gorgeous sunshine on the last minute flight. We saw the inspiring Matisse museum, the palace at Monaco and the casino, lots of old faded movie stars, amazing street markets and shops and boats that were completely amazing.

How to save for a holiday

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In my 30’s we had an expensive holiday to Switzerland which we planned in details and saved for ages. It was wonderful I went to Tiffany’s tried on rings and I fell in love in Switzerland.

So times and plans and holiday wants and needs change and how we budget for them does too. There is no one size fits all.


The no. 1 tip on how to save for a holiday

Having a planned budget in mind can really help though. Do shop around too, ask others for advice and have a good look at the choices out there, for example, you can look at flights on  last minute flights on to see if you can get a good deal. Pre-internet Teletext used to be my favourite option!

Don’t just do what you have always done,. The internet allows a great deal of competitiveness so does explore your options. Have a read about when to book to find the best deal and start that savings pot.

It will be worth it. Holidays make us feel fantastic don’t they? A break in our routines and a chance to be revived and refreshed

I  do hope you have found my post on How to save for a holiday useful



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Over to you

I always like to know how you go about building your savings up – do let me know in the comments below I do enjoy hearing from you and I think we have so much to learn  from each other.






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  1. mum of 2 :)
    January 20, 2013 / 4:26 pm

    teletext online has given me some bargain holidays away that have been cheaper than our uk holidays especially when it comes to spending money.
    We seem to spend less with the nice weather by just going to the beach or pool even a nice walk versus costly fairground rides, arcades, bowling etc in the uk.
    I just love holidays time off together is what i work all year for hope you find something at a great price 🙂

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