How to Prepare for Taking Baby on Their First Holiday


Today – How to Prepare for Taking Baby on Their First Holiday


How to Prepare for Taking Baby on Their First Holiday

How to Prepare for Taking Baby on Their First Holiday

When the time comes to take your little one on holiday for the first time, you’re bound to feel both incredibly excited and terribly stressed. On one hand, you’re showing them the world and it’s only the beginning of so many family adventures. On the other, will the baby be ok travelling distances? How will they sleep? Did you pack everything? The list goes on. Don’t panic, you’re not alone with these parenting worries. Take a deep breath and with some careful planning, you’re going to have the best family holiday.


Child Friendly Places

One of the first things to sort out is deciding on your destination. There are locations which are so much more family friendly than others. A Paris city break, probably not. Camping holidays in France – much more likely. It’s a great idea to think of places which cater for young children and babies, if you need anything they’ll have it to hand. It takes away some of the pressure and you can relax in the knowledge you’re all being looked after. Remember it’s your holiday, too!

Transport Timings

Before you book anything, it’s also important to think about the transport you and the family will be taking. How far are you willing to travel with the baby? Journeys with a baby can be tough, particularly in an airplane. However, they’re not impossible. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can learn. You may not be feeling up for a flight and that’s ok, too. There are so many options you can pick from: a road trip, a train journey or perhaps even a cruise. Wherever you choose to travel and however you decide to get there, make sure your baby is comfortable on the journey.

Prepared Packing

When it comes to taking your little one abroad for the first time, there is no such thing as being too prepared. It’s good to bring anything and everything you can think of with you. From the essentials like nappies, bottles and sun cream to creature comforts from home. For instance, you could take their favourite blanket or night light – things that can help them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. Also make sure to pack more clothing than you think you need, just in case any unforeseen accidents occur.

Limit Screen Time

This point may not be as practical as the others but it’s still important: limit your screen time on holiday. Take all the pictures you like, but remember to be in the moment, too. You don’t get many holidays with them when they’re so young and you’ll want to take it all in.


What do you think are some packing essentials for taking your baby on holiday for the first time? Also, do you have any recommendations on any family friendly places?


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