5 Tips for MOT before you book a local Stirling Centre

5 Tips for MOT before you book a local Stirling Centre


We all try and avoid ways to spend money don’t we, especially if money is tight. But some ways carry more risks than others and really are just not worth it.

Let’s look at this in relation to MOT’s

Some people think that driving without MOT is clever or at the very least a good way to cut back on costs  – but is it really the case?

All around the UK roads are congested and driving has been done both carefully and considerately. Driving in London is full of stops and starts and slick manoeuvres. Scotland’s roads also can get really busy, especially in cities like Stirling and a vehicle without an MOT is too risky  You can book MOT Test in Stirling for your vehicle at Fife Autocentre

What happens if you neglect your MOT

There can be a whole host of problems if you don’t have an up to date MOT and they are pretty serious.

This is what happens if you choose to neglect your MOT:

  • You become vulnerable to heavy penalty or fine – when you are caught n- and there is a very good chance that you will be caught.
  • The health of your vehicle is compromised & it won’t be safe for you to drive on the roads, this could cause accidents and serious ones at that to yourself, your passengers and potentially to pedestrians and other car drivers too,
  • Your vehicle is not road worthy anymore
  • The longevity of your vehicle is compromised and in the long run, having to replace it sooner will affect your finances more.

So yes, there is a negative and worrying impact of not having an MOT on your finances, on the health of your car and more importantly on the safety of yourself and others. It really is just not worth it.

So I urge you,  do keep your MOT’s up to date and protect yourself in the process.  Factor your MOT into your budget so you know you can afford it when it is due and get it booked in plenty of time.


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