How to make your toddler’s birthday cake

It’s here, your little one is entering the toddler years, and whilst you gather everyone to celebrate this milestone how do you find the time to bake them their own celebration cake? One in 10 parents bake well after midnight to make their child’s birthday cake, adding an extra element of surprise, but also extending your schedule. 


toddler’s birthday cake


But fear not, we’re here to help, as we spoke to the experts at Agnes De Sucre, the bakery that provides bold, bright and ever popular show stopping cakes to the whole of London for their expert tips and advice,  after all who doesn’t love a themed birthday cake? Here they offer their advice on how to prep, bake and decorate your cake, as if you can, it definitely pays to make and decorate your own for that personal touch! Plus, it’s great fun having such a creative project to work on and you can’t beat the taste of a homemade cake at a birthday party – it’s even better when you’re the one who baked it!

Firstly let us introduce ourselves we’re the Anges bakery and we all have one huge sweet tooth! The Anges De Sucre bakery was founded in 2011 by Reshmi Bennett upon her return to London from Paris. She trained under several truly amazing Michelin-starred chefs and learnt the art of baking. Reshmi still works in the bakery on a daily basis where she designs every single cake. Offering mind blowing designs with a truly amazing taste. Here are the teams top tips to help with your toddlers birthday surprise: 


Take the time

Schedule some time to whip up a cake of their dreams. This could be preparing the dough early in the morning and cooking over lunchtime. Take a look at your schedule and make it work for you, the last thing you want to add is stress, which we all know isn’t a fun ingredient in the kitchen! Top tip – also take a moment for yourself, you’re doing a wonderful job and creating many happy memories! 


Add a twist

Whether you opt for a traditional victoria sponge or chocolate cake experiment with layers or perhaps an unexpected filling. Perhaps try a different jam or spread in the middle, steering away from classic strawberry jam. Layer up to 3 of 4 times for a wow factor that doesn’t take much technical skill, but certainly never fails to impress. 

It’s all about the toppings

Trust us, the bigger the better. Sweets, biscuits, macarons, even doughnuts, there isn’t much you can’t put on top of a cake when you set your mind to it. Settle on a theme and go wild, one of our favourite combinations at the moment is bourbons and custard creams – a fun twist on a classic, toddler approved snack! Our Biscuit Binge Cake shows this delish combo in action!   

Get more cake ideas from Anges-De-Sucre here.


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