How to make a Photo Calendar that reflects a year

Today – How to Make a Photo Calendar

I  always like to give gifts much more valuable than they are expensive. Do you know what I mean? Something that is really precious but hasn’t cost me some crazy amount. I also like to give gifts that will last (though I am not at all averse to the short-lived joy that is chocolates or a bunch of lovely flowers.)

I do absolutely love to give photo calendars as Christmas gifts. Such a lovely thing to do particularly for older relatives. Last year we made one for Great Grandma  and I had planned it throughout the year.

How to Make a Photo Calendar

In January she had a photo on her calendar of the kids playing in the snow, took the January before.

In April she has had a photo of my daughter in her Easter bonnet again took the year before.

In December she’ll have on her calendar photo of Annalise dressed as Santa (completely staged)  for the photo calendar.

Throughout last year I had been earmarking photos for the calendar gift and I will do the same throughout this year. Then come  December I will be rushing to Jessops Photo shop to make a few calendars that reflect a year’s worth of my gorgeous kids completely.

It is a lovely year-long labour of love and the smile on Great Grandmas face as she opens it is always a joy.

Good news!

Did you know that Jessops had recently been in administration but is now up and going again? Isn’t that great? So many UK  stores have been knocked by this recession it is smashing to hear a good news story!


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