How to keep safe from Cybercrime at Christmas

Today – How to keep safe from Cybercrime at Christmas

How to keep safe from Cybercrime at Christmas

A threat to Christmas!

Did you ever consider that swapping Christmas traditions for digital alternatives could actually threaten your Christmas?

Let me explain.

A recent survey by McAfee shows how much Christmas has changed in the digital age and it is in ways that I, for one, have never really considered.


No more calls and cards!

The McAfee survey showed that in  the UK people are swapping Christmas calls (down 21% over the past 10 years) and cards (down 13% from 2009) for WhatsApp well wishes (up 44% from 2009)Now I do understand this is cheaper and more eco-friendly but oh i used to love coming home all through December to  a pile of cards on my mat and I really do love to actually speak to people


No more singing

The survey also (sadly) showed that carolling (down 18%) has been bumped for streaming festive songs (up 33%), over the past 10 years. I love carolling, singing brings such a sense of community and such a happiness boost I think. I do also love a festive playlist though too and it’s nice to think someone curated one for you.



No more shopping

Well, of course, there is still shopping but we do it so differently, these days. The huge majority of us shop online. Shopping for presents online has also become significantly more popular over the past 10 years, with 81% of Brits planning to buy gifts online and whilst this is so convenient, allows us to shop around easily for price and we don’t have to tackle the busy shops it does leave us wide open to cybercrime.


How to keep safe from Cybercrime at Christmas



How to keep safe from Cybercrime at Christmas

So yes our habits are increasingly digital around |Christmas and of course a lot of our money is spent on technology gifts too. There are pros and cons to this of course but is it actually a problem?

Well yes, in terms of security it really can be. As our Christmas’s become increasingly digital;; ew windows of opportunities open for cybercriminals looking to take advantage of insecure devices and connections

Look at the scary statistics around this

  • 18% of Brits were either scammed or know someone who was scammed over the past year- 40% said they fell victim to an email phishing scam, while 26% fell victim to SMS phishing and more than a third (39%) were targeted by streaming scams
  • 71% of those who were scammed lost more than £500 after experiencing a scam and 17% are more concerned with scams at Christmastime because money is tighter

That’s almost 1 in 5!


How to keep safe from Cybercrime at Christmas

What are we doing?

Raj Samani, Chief Scientist and Fellow at McAfee, commented:

While most believe that cyber-scams become more prevalent during the festive season, a third of Brits don’t actually take any steps to change their online behaviour or protect themselves. It is crucial that people are mindful of potential risks and take the proper precautions to protect themselves to avoid falling victim this Christmastime.


Top Christmas Cybersafety tips

  • PASSWORDS – Never reuse passwords. With just one hack, cybercriminals can get their hands on thousands of passwords, which they can then use to try to access multiple accounts.
  • PAUSE. – Instead of clicking on a link in an email, it is always best to check directly with the source to verify an offer or shipment.
  • PROTECTION Browse with security protection. Use comprehensive security protection, like McAfee Total Protection, which can help protect devices against malware, phishing attacks and other threats. It includes McAfee WebAdvisor, which can help identify malicious websites.
  • PERSONAL INFORMATION. A solution like McAfee Identity Theft Protection takes a proactive approach to help protect identities with personal and financial monitoring and recovery tools to help keep identities personal and safe


So there you go – it is possible with planning and clear thinking to learn how to keep safe from cybercrime at Christmas time.


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