How to go shampoo free ecourse

Ever wondered how to go shampoo free?

I have to adfmit it is not something I have ever really considered before but apparently it is quite a big ‘thing’ these days. Who knew? It would be a thrifty move though.

I have a very beautiful friend called Lucy who is a natural beauty columnist for Cosmopolitan.

Lucy doesn’t use shampoo. Nope not at all and not for quite some time.

Because of this she has the most lovely hair shiny, clean happy hair and honestly it’s beautiful. Lucy gets no end of compliments on her hair. After being asked constantly for advice on how to no-poo her hair Lucy wrote an e-book about it called Happy Hair which has been an Amazon best seller.

She has now developed a fabulous ecourse on the subject. The course includes 8 online classes (videos), a peer-peer support forum, interactive downloadable worksheets and a free copy of Happy Hair.

Special Offer

You can get a very special $10 reduction on this ecourse  if you follow my link here

Good luck , do let me know if you sign up and how you get on! I may be tempted to then give this a go myself!

Happy Hair Detox Ecourse, How to go shampoo free



  1. May 16, 2015 / 1:43 am

    oh, I want this. I try to avoid shampoo but, don’t know what to do with it.

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