Review of Jamie’s Italian in Nottingham

This weekend we were invited to go for a meal at Jamie’s Italian in Nottingham order to review it. I’m never one to turn down free food (particularly Italian free food) I quickly said yes please!

I have rather a love of Jamie Oliver.

I like his enthusiasm about food, I love the fact he cares so much about what our children eat and I particularly like that he seems like a regular bloke. Foodies can sometimes be a little scary I find!I also like that Jamie tends to talk about a slug of this and a dash of that and never seems to measure too perfectly. That’s how I cook too (not quite that well though!)


So off my husband and I went to Jamie’s Italian looking forward to a child free couple of hours and a good meal. I didn’t get many interiors photos as it was busy and I don’t think it is at all fair to take shots f people I don’t know. Buy it si simple rustic and relaxed inside with long table running down the centre and lovely soft cushion benches  by the window at out table. The restrooms are in the basement and very ‘Nottingham’ all cave like  and quirky (each Jamie’s Italian is designed to reflect the city iti s in and so all are unique to their own location)

Our waiter was amazing, full of passion for the food he was serving, he suggested drinks to us and explored the menu at length with us. He had too really as the veggie foods were not marked and many of the dishes that looked vegetarian turned out not to be as they contained parmesan with in them. We did not have a huge choice for mains in the end. i think  only 3 dishes.

However the food was extremely good so I will let Jamie off just this once and request he does a couple more veggie options! Apparently the new menus will be out very soon and veggie and gluten free food s will be marked clearly ont he menu so you can just get on and order.

Anyway to the food….


We had these cauliflower fritters last time we went to Jamie’s and OMG they are truly incredible. I would make way into the city just to eat them YUM!

We also had for our starters a lovely bread basket and chilli tapenade and mushroom bruschetta. All totally delicious.  Flavoursome, beautifully presented and a good amount of food.



To wash it down J had Jamie’s s home brewed beer (loved it!) and I had fresh strawberry lemonade which tasted as pretty as it looked. (there was quite a choice of drinks and lots of interesting non alchoholic offerings which was refreshing)


For our mains we chose a market superfood  salad a which contained avocado, shaved fennel, candied beets, pulses, Italian sprouting broccoli, creamy cottage cheese, pomegranate, smashed nuts & seeds. Served with a fennel blossom Sicilian harissa. It wasn’t really my kind of salad but my husband loved it and is going to try and replicate it at home (good luck with that J!)


We also had porcini fettuccine which consisted of wild mushrooms, mascarpone, garlic, white wine, lemony gremolata, & herby breadcrumbs. This was total comfort food ..delicious and moorish. JO6

I tried the Spring garden risotto which was a special and filled with sugarsnaps, peas, potato truffles, herby breadcrumbs and sliced courgette. It was dreamy.

The dishes were simple, superbly cooked and the ingrediants used were seasonal and superb.All the food was faultless and beautifully presented. We were relaxed and really well served. It is unpretentious and welcoming at Jamie’s just like him really.

The meal came to £65, we had coffee too and several drinks.

There are 30 Jamie’s Italian restaurants in the UK and more to come. Have look here to see the full menu and your local restaurant.

I would certainly recommend Jamie’s Italian Nottingham



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