How to get the look from Feather & Black

            Feather and Black are one of my favourite ever retailers of children’s nightwear, children’s beds and childrens bedroom furniture I love their ranges, they always look so contemporary yet so classy. My children both have pyjamas form Feather and Black and the quality is outstanding the colours don’t fade, the shape maintains and they are just lovely fabrics and designs,

They sell a wide range of beds and my favourite are definitely the wooden ones, there is something about white wood that I think is so elegant. This is the Grace Sleigh bed. Gorgeous. I love that the colours all stand out so brightly against it. Wooden beds are for engraving initials on, to dream about Santa in and to last for years.

As well as simplicity I think another key to getting the Feather and Black look is co-ordination. How lovely is this range The Noah (fire engine red) Adorable…

And this ….The Charlotte range?

I think they are stunning.

I think just a couple of coordinating items could begin to pull such looks together. For example here is a fab stars floor cushion (what a great idea, kids are always playing on the floor and only £18!)

I would combine this with this blue star rug

And perhaps get a pair of these for my son too


Tied together with white paint and maybe a navy duvet I think I would definitely have nailed a Feather and Black look!          

Mind you look at this lovely soft storage…. can I put that on the Christmas list too!


Clean, classic, simple and co-ordinated…The range of children’s items from Feather and Black this season are totally timeless and utterly gorgeous and I want them ALL!!!                       

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