Baking Mad Birthday Cupcakes

If you are looking for cupcake recipes you  will find some really gorgeous looking ones on the Baking Mad website. We browsed them all and I could not choose! 

In the end I let Annalise have the choice  and she was particularly swayed by the birthday cupcakes recipe. I did point out it wasn’t anybody’s birthday but she reassured me she would be eating them all up herself anyway so it really didn’t matter. Her love for cakes is legendary!

I checked out the recipe and the skill level which was easy and off we set to work!  Here is what we were aiming for…..

Birthday cupcakes

Off we go ……

She loves to bake (should have used an apron!)

Simple ingrediants, and simple recipes make it easy for kids to get

She’s the cupcake queen…. practically independent aged 4!

Looking good!

Ignore the runny iceing just look at this proud little girl!

We had great fun, the cakes were delicious and the recipe easy peasy. The cakes may not look exactly likle those over at Baking Mad but they were scrumptious ansd totally made by a 4 year old girl ! Yay for Annalise !

The Baking Mad website is really comprehensive and totally brilliant as well as recipes it has fab offer sand competitions do take a look!

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  1. The Mad House
    October 13, 2011 / 11:51 am

    These are fab and look at your girl growing up

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