How to find affordable IVF with donor eggs

How to find affordable IVF


If you are in need of IVF with donor eggs, your first choice is probably the NHS. However, the National Health Service is starting cutbacks on IVF fertility treatments. At the moment, in Scotland you can have 3 IVF cycles which are funded by the NHS. Free treatment is available to those women who haven’t gotten pregnant after 2 years of naturally trying to conceive and are under 40.

These are the general guidelines and it is entirely up to the local NHS provider to make a decision what free treatment they want to offer. There are some propositions to offer NHS-funded IVF with donor eggs only to women aged 30 to 35. This is a significant change on the fertility market. So what about all the infertile women above the age of 35 and 40?

More and more of them turn to private health care abroad. Medical tourism is constantly on the rise. The treatments in the most popular and renowned clinics is of the same quality, but cheaper and widely available. There are no waiting lines and usually the maximum egg recipient age is up to 49.

How to find IVF egg donation abroad?

  1. Pick a destination. Fertility clinics can be found in almost every European country. Here, we’ll focus on the most affordable, popular and recommended options. The top IVF egg donation destinations are Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Czechia, Poland and Ukraine. Ukraine is especially popular with patients who turn to surrogacy as their last option of becoming a parent. Surrogacy in Ukraine is regulated by law and more affordable than in other countries. Tip: pick a destination you are comfortable with. Take into consideration the culture, local prices and airfare.
  2. Educate yourself! Choosing your fertility clinic abroad may seem a hard task, but it is not, if you first read about it and know where to look. There are patient-friendly web platforms which can help you make an informed decision from the comfort of your home. When you start your search for the clinic, pay attention to their success rates of IVF egg donation and how they calculate it. Fertility clinics use different methods of presenting the statistics for their success rates – they even use marketing in stats. It’s important to be aware of all this before you make your final decision.
  3. Ask, ask, ask! Once you get in touch with the clinic (and before you even fly there) ask questions about IVF with donor eggs they offer, what medication and services are included in the final price. Try to get all the replies by e-mail so you can read and analyse it with your partner. Do not hurry. Choosing a clinic where you are going to conceive your child should not be a hasty decision.

Remember that you are not alone. There are many women out there who also struggle with infertility and are just starting their fertility journey. Check the English language IVF forums like,, or websites like which help and support fertility patients.



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  1. June 26, 2018 / 7:46 am

    Before you are getting excited about becoming a parent, you want to make sure that you understand all aspects of your choices and the ramifications in the future. So you better research every clinic you consider for any fertility treatment.

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