How to find a job you love

I have spent this morning interviewing at my children’s school. The purpose of the interviews are to enable 15 and 16’s year olds to get in some practice of being interviewed before they have to do it for real. These young people are just about to either move up to their school sixth form, apply for a job, head to college or begin an apprenticeship. In each of these scenarios, they will be interviewed. At the end of each interview, I wished them luck and told them I hoped they would find a job they would love.

How to find a job you love

How to find a job you love

I definitely love my job.

Even as a child I knew that I would want to be a writer when I got older. I always loved to write – even shopping lists but mainly stories. It always made me smile. I took a degree in literature but then I got diverted, working as a social worker and therapist. Now as an author and full-time blogger I can honestly say I have never been happier in my work.

We must all try and find a job we love.

But how do we determine that … here are some suggestions to set you off on the path to the job of your dreams.

Articulate your dreams

Once we start to talk about our dreams we begin to give them form and meaning and we begin to see then as a possibility. It is really important to articulate your passions no matter how unrealistic they seem. Try them out on other people; listen to their ideas and their feedback. You never know where this may lead

Turn your interests into paid employment

I know a few people who have turned their interests into paid employment and almost without exception I have seen them become super happy in their work. Do have read of this great article on hobbies that make money for some great ways to make this a reality. Doing what you love is smart because work takes up a REALLY large part of your life.

Be informed

I am not a great cook but I love everything about food and having a food blog is a wonderful way for me to be involved with food in my work. There are more job possibilities and opportunities out there than we can imagine. So do get yourself well informed. Look for the courses, the job offers, find out how other people made their dreams jobs come to life. Being inspired and well informed will motivate you.

Take up opportunities

It does not matter if it is not paid; work experience in the area you think you might like to work is everything. It will impress future employers and will enable you to see if this really is the career path for you. Put in the time and effort and your dream job will become closer and clearer.


So these are a few ideas on how to find a job you love but over to you now, do you love your job? Tell me your story in the comments below.

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