How to change a child’s name by deed poll


Let’s take a little look at how to change a child’s name by deed poll

Did you know under British law you can change your name or your child’s name as often as you like, as long as you are not doing it to escape debt or commit fraud!


How to change a CHILD'S NAME



I didn’t know that either, in fact I had no clue how you would go about changing your child’s name by deed poll. But I have been doing a little research and I have to say it is all surprisingly easy.


How to change a child’s name by deed poll

To legally change your child’s name you simply adopt a new name and start using it for your child, but before you can do that you need a deed poll, documentary evidence of your child’s name change, which you will require to update relevant official documents, such as passports and health records..

A deed poll is a legal document to prove a name change has taken place Surprisingly it is a private document that does not need to be registered  for your name change to be accepted.

There are 3 simple steps to the process (and you don’t need a solicitor)

Step 1 – Apply securely online
The first step to changing your child’s name by deed poll is to apply securely online to a deed poll service
To apply online you to provide  name change details and make your secure payment, there is nothing else to it.
Step 2 – Receive your deed poll documents

You will receive your deed poll and all supporting guidance documents

Step 3 – Sign, Witness and Notify
You now sign your deed poll and have your witness sign it. Your deed poll is now complete and is ready to be sent out to everyone to notify them of your name change.  Copies are sent out and the original deed poll stays with you.
In regard to a child, everyone with parental responsibility must consent to the name change.
So MUCH simpler than you would imagine, right?
How to change a child's name

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  1. March 15, 2016 / 7:39 pm

    I’ve changed my sons surname to mine. I was suprised how simple it was but thats a good thing only thing was to do it i needed his fathers signature ( a letter giving permission) as we both have parental responsibility
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