Home-made wrapping paper

Home-made wrapping paper

A guest post form SnafflesMummy

You have bought your Christmas gifts, shopped around for the good deals and tried to save money on your gifts but then it gets to wrapping them and you can end up spending a fortune on the wrapping paper. The luxury paper is expensive and the cheap paper is worse than a chocolate fire guard.

My solution is home made wrapping paper. Cheap, effective, different and it also keeps the children occupied for a few weekends or evenings after school.
I bought a roll of brown paper. My local budget shop had 2 rolls of 15 meters for £1.00. I love brown paper because it is usually thick and strong.There are various ways you could decorate the paper. Stick on coloured tissue paper, get the children to draw pictures or patterns on it or get the paint out.We used potatoes and cut star shapes into them (my attempt at a Christmas tree failed) and also did hand and foot prints.
My son loved helping make the wrapping paper. We have a traditional advent calendar where you fill the pockets yourself. I made various treat tokens instead of just using chocolates and used this activity as one of the treats.
I loved how fantastic the gifts looked wrapped in this paper. If you had money left in your budget you could add some pretty ribbon but even without I think it makes the gifts look great.
I love this idea Denise – Thank you so much!  


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