Home Insurance and why it matters

Home Insurance and why it matters

Regular readers of my family budgeting blog will know we have been working hard at making over our home these past 6 months and next week we are to reveal our final room! It has taken huge amounts of effort, energy, love, cooperation and a fair bit of money too.

For all the thought and planning, care and consideration invested in our home, for all the priceless treasures, useful items, necessary ones too, I really do feel my home is FULL of us. We have truly invested in it. For fire or flood or a robber to come and take that away from us would be absolutely heartbreaking on so very many levels.

I know many people who have home insurance but who, when they have tried to claim on it, have not been eligible for many different reasons.  Cover needs to be comprehensive.

John Lewis Home Insurance  gives you different choices and levels of cover to choose from. It’s premium level insurance is really comprehensive, covering accidental damage, unlimited building and content insurance, worldwide personal possessions cover and a 24 hour home emergency service.  I really like the peace of mind such cover brings. I know they are only ‘possessions’ but they matter to us.

Recognising how precious our home and worldly possessions are John Lewis have launched a fabulous competition to win a great camera for £10o0 in John Lewis vouchers. Why not check out the competition  It is simple and fun to enter and the prizes really are great!





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  1. August 30, 2013 / 1:00 am

    Nice post and congratulations on you home. john lewis video adverts really are outstanding and relevant.

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