Headaches, Tiredness, Men and Sexcuses

It is accepted that busy mums often could not care less about sex and come up with plenty of sexcuses. However, recent research by Ukmedix claims that men are coming up with plenty of  ‘sexcuses’ too.

The most common sexcuses from men were:

too tired (45%), work stress (39%), headache (33%), eaten too much (29%)   something good on TV (24%).

Sorry I am too busy levitating to have sex and I have a headache and I had a hard day at the office…

Photo Credit: Kevin N Murphy

UKMedix (who sell Viagra online) have a forum all about sexual difficulties on their site and they declare that they  know that what men say when it comes to sex isn’t always the real reason.  They believe underlying a lot of these excuses is a lack of erectile function confidence. Interesting. Men find that such an embarrassing problem they make up all sorts of other excuses all of which can make their partners feel frustrated and needy and stressed ..so we get on their case and stress them further and it all goes pear shaped.

Problems shared are indeed problems halved and solutions could be both practical (Viagra, fitness, medical exam) or emotional (relationship therapy, counselling, massage, aromatherapy, reflexology)

I think its important to try and keep fun and romance in your relationship

How about these thrifty romance rekindlers….

Farm the kids out to grandparents for the weekend

Make their favourite meal  and serve with a lovely glass or 2 of wine

Followed by a cool candlelit bath  and a slow massage

With your favourite music

Cheap  as chips but a definite mood alterer and if nothing else a lovely time together.

It certainly might stop the sexcuses!!


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