Valentine’s Day Craft- Recycled Heart Art


Recycled heart art, valentines day craft


Valentine’s Day Craft for kids

When being creative I love  to encourage kids to reuse, reduce and recycle  and this is absolutely a perfect craft for sharing the love and using up crafty leftovers.

You will need:

PVA glue

An Old Photo Frame

Old Birthday Cards


A4 size scrap of wallpaper of wrapping paper

Assorted scrap book ‘frames’ though a  grown up could make these out of coloured card

How to make your Heart Art picture

This project can be one for you or the kids.

Kids can choose which cards they would like to use. They may fancy really bright hearts or go for a colour scheme…. give them free reign. They may need help with the cutting out but it doesn’t have to be accurate. hearts come in all shapes and sizes after all! 😆

They can also choose how and where to pop the little frames and can go for it with the glueing.

Backgrounds can be pattern or plain but I think a pattern is quite interesting,. they may even want to draw a picture as a background or tear a page out of a magazine or coming. We used old wall paper.

I think the picture looks lovely and makes a great homemade recycled Valentines gift.


I hoep you have enjoyed this valentines day craft you can find more of my homemade Valentines ideas here and more thrifty Valentines easy makes


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  1. Ahsan Arshad
    January 11, 2014 / 12:45 pm

    Really awesome craft you made. I think hand made are best gift for valentines day ever.

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