Halloween Party Ideas from Poundworld

Halloween Party Ideas from Poundworld

Poundworld is, I have to admit, somewhere I love to go. I love that I can get a whole range of branded essentials for the home at rock bottom prices.   You know how much I love a bargain and I get deep satisfaction buying my favourites for so much less.


Poundworld sell so much more than just home essentials though, they have crafts, stationery, toiletries and always some great food! Chocolate bars are way cheaper at Poundworld (ahem.)

One thing Poundworld do really well is seasonal stuff. No one wants to spend much on Easter crafting, or Christmas ornament making. You want disposable and fun and Poundworld are great at offering up items like this.

One season they do particularly well is Halloween. I have just been into Poundworld to purchase supplies for a Halloween Party and blimey do they have a lot in store. From hats to masks, fancy dress, to paper cups, plates, sweet treats, face paints and fake blood. Brilliant! I particularly loved the decorations you could hang around the house the big spiders webs and the pumpkin bunting.

There was a lot that was suitable for a younger Halloween party and lots of scarier stuff for the older Halloween lover. Let me show you my Halloween party haul.

It’s a pleasure to shop at Poundworld. The staff are helpful if you need advice, or can’t figure out how something works and they are also really friendly. There’s lots of room, a huge variety of goods and of course everything just costs a £1. Which is completely brilliant when you are looking to throw a party on a budget.

I’ll let you know how our Halloween party  goes but one things for sure I have all I need to make it brilliant!

Have a look over at Poundworld to find a store near you





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