How to Cope with Baby Wind

Are you wondering how to cope with baby wind?


What is baby wind?

If you have ever had a baby I am sure you will know the answer to that!

Baby wind can be mild, severe, distressing, a mere inconvenience or intermittently irritating. It really does differ from baby to baby.

Baby wind is caused by bubbles that get trapped in a babies tummy which they aren’t able to expel by themselves, it can really hurt and it can be very uncomfortable.  They need help to get rid of these air bubbles  to help them feel comfortable again.

Wind is very common, especially in the first 3 months. when a babies digestive system is still so new. As baby matures, wind lessens and babies cope with milk much more easily.

Neither of my babies suffered particularly with wind and I count myself very lucky! I did baby massage classes that taught me some great techniques to cope with the slight amount of wind they did have. Massage really did help release it easily once I understood how their bodies worked and where the air  was trapped.

Despite the massage classes though some of the parents reported their babies still struggled on with it and were in a lot of discomfort.


How to Cope with Baby Wind


Sometimes rather than just the occasional and easily relieved baby wind, a baby has colic which is much more of a problem.

Have a look at this video Is it Colic? to find out more.

Despite medical research, no one is certain what causes infant colic. A likely explanation may be the build up of trapped wind in your baby’s bowel causing pain and discomfort


Colic can effect up to 20% of babies in the first 4 months. (Do seek medical advice though if you have health concerns about your  baby.) Babies with colic can cry up to 3 hours a day which of course is very stressful for everyone.

Bloated tummies and drawn up knees and lots of crying tend to be colic symptoms. The cry tends to be persistent and high pitched because their little tums are hurting.


How to cope with baby wind – top tips

A treatment such as Infacol works by helping the small trapped gas bubbles join into bigger bubbles, which your baby can easily bring up as wind. This helps to relieve their pain and discomfort.

Friends of mine whose babies had colic need extra support and lots of TLC as this can be such a hard time for everyone and can be pretty isolating. That’s why it is important to get all the help and advice you can?

Did your baby have colic? How did you treat the symptoms?

I hope this post on how to cope with baby wind proved useful. Have a look here at my post on everything you need to know about tummy time


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