Green & Black’s chocolate bars review

Green & Black’s chocolate bars review

The day Green & Black’s sent me lots of chocolate bars was eagerly awaited. Chocolate – mine all mine! (And it’s organic so it has to be good for you…right???) All that they requested was that I tried the chocolate then blogged about my findings so here we go…

Unfortunately I had a house filled with 3 other mums, loads of kids and my nosy hubby when the chocolate parcel arrived. I should have stashed the parcel till I was alone but greed overcame me (as usual) and as a result I had to share! The tasting verdicts were pretty unanimous (if not particularly scientific).

Butterscotch – ‘Absolutely bloody lovely’ (a tiny bit went a very long way)

White Chocolate – ‘Lovely, creamy and not overly sweet like other brands of white tend to be. Yum’

Cherry – ‘cherries chewy, very bitter, foul, could not eat it’

Milk Chocolate – ‘Happy days’ Dark chocolate ‘nice, smooth & just right’

Creamy Milk – ‘totally perfect’

70% dark chocolate – ‘divine’

Almond – ‘smooth and with a good amount of almonds’

Apart form the cherries we were all very happy with our chocolate.

Good value?
Green & Black’s are in the process of making all their products fair trade so you know anything you spend is ethically used. Because a little goes a long way this is a good value product. I think a bar of Green and Black’s and a single flower is the loveliest little gift and won’t set you back more than £3. Go on treat yourself (or your loved one) to a bit of gorgeousness.




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