Grannies inc.

Grannies inc. is the cutest idea …I love it! !

You can either buy a pre designed item and have it knitted for you  or (best of all I think!) you can design your own. Simply pick a hat, scarf or snood from their kids range  then choose your stitch, your colours and your accessories. We got to have a go at designing our own in order to review the site.
My daughter being 3 and in love with rainbows made her choices EXTREMELY colourful. She really enjoyed picking out the colours, adding a bow and deciding on the stitch. But to crown it all…..she got to pick the granny who knitted it. Granny Denise take a bow! 

Granny Denise

Denise lives in Norfolk with her husband of 35 years and is mother to three boys and grandmother to four lively grandchildren. Denise lives by the mantra that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’, which bodes well for the quality of her knitting!

(All the grannies have a profile. I had to read each one out to Annalise!)

She has been knitting for nearly 40 years after learning the craft from her mum, and even includes famous knitwear designer Patricia Roberts as one of her previous employers. When she’s not knitting, Denise can be found guessing the valuations of antiques on Bargain Hunt (well, any kind of antiques programme to be honest) or making her own greetings cards – watch out Hallmark!

Thank you Granny Denise, none of Annalises grandparents knit and she was delighted you made her hat just as she wanted it.
Here it is: 
She knew she looked fine too and despite a hot day and wearing a sundress she strutted her stuff on the school run and showed the world her rainbow hat.
This bespoke hat costs £25 (so not a budget option but a truly special one!) 


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