Gifts under £10 for mums on a budget

Mums on a budget

Mums need treats…just a little perk me, up pick me up can go a long way when  you are tired  or all children-ed out. I’m not sure if children-ed is actually a word but you know what I mean I am sure

I want to show you some absolutely gorgeous treats I have found for mums on a budget. Sometimes you juts need a treat don’t you ? Magazines and chocolate bars don’t last very long and the best spend is always an investment. Look at these little beauties you can snap up for under £10 that will bring you loads of pleasure.

mums on a budget

  • First up is a giant wine glass…well if you are only going to have one make t count (unless your driving or incharge of the kids… obviously!)
  • Next up is an eye massager to relieve tension and eliminate toxins and even relieve headaches! How cool is that!
  • Next we have hot stone massage rocks …you cant possibly get up to cook tea with these on your back can you so one for teatime pampering whenthe other half is home!
  • Then we have a head massager and if you havent tried one of these oh you really REALLY should.
  • Moisturisng gel socks give tired feet a rest (oh and you should certainly pop upp uyour feet and have a rest with these on !) okay it doesn’t actually say that but still…..

These are all from the discovery store in the gifts for her section and like I said all are less than a tenner and can be used again and again to enhance your well being, (some are even under £5.) You are worth it and taking care of and treating your self really does natter.

If you feel happy and rested kids are SO much easier to be with and they have a whole lot more fun. So treating yourself everyone in a while  is a bit like treating them! Mums on a budget need treats too


I hpe you have enhjoyed this post looking at gifts for mums on a budget





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