Gifts from the heart

I have just co-bought a gorgeous personalised silver name bracelet for my friends daughters sweet sixteenth. We had to search high and low for this to get exactly what we wanted. We are thrilled as it is very special, as she is.

I like personalised gifts particularly if you have an unusual name..its nice to show it off and feel a gift is specifically for you.

Special gifts can make people so happy can’t they. I was thinking back to some of the best gifts I have ever given.

I once wrote out the music notes to our first wedding dance for my hubby on our wedding anniversary. I wrote them on to music paper. I put it in an old simple frame and secured a few silver stars inside too.  And he loved it!

Gifts from the heart

Foe my mum I once made a cowboys head out of clay (I was 8) she kept it for the next 30 years. Bless her.

For my gorgeous dad I once bought a lovely lovely trilby. He barely wore it but he adored it. It will pass to my son when he is old enough.

For my oldest friend s 21st i bought a first edition of F Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night when I really couldn’t afford it.

For another friend I bought a memory box and filled it with memories of our friendship throughout the years.

Another pal is coming with me for tea at Harrods in 2 weeks!

Gifts can be experiences, shared memories, sweet gifts or handmade. It’s not the money, it’s the heart in the gift that matters!


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