Garden dilemma: Sport vs Flowers


It’s goallllll!

I can hear giggles and squeals and the sound of thundering feet and I know the kids are happy. Music to my ears.

But then I can also hear …..

Sigh. Humph. Moan. Moan, Moan. Whinge. Mutter. Yes that’s my other half as my son kicks a ball about the garden, bashing plants and dinting fences, treading on the veg as he retrieves it.

Ours in not a large garden, so  it really isn’t possible to play basketball, football or badminton in it without probably squashing something.

But the kids love it and I love to see them outdoors, running about, playing with each other or their friends . It is so much nicer than having them stare at a screen.

Kids are not always conducive to gardening are they, not really. They might help water for about 3 minutes and dig some big holes (am not sure that is helpful actually) but generally  their sporting endeavours do not a pretty garden make.

I have been very busy over the last few days, replanting and replacing football bashed plants.

My son had a bit of a chat to me yesterday about why we have ‘stupid flowers in the garden’ as apparently it ‘ruins his football training’ I offered to take him to the park i stead but he still muttered on.

I think  (personally) that it’s lovely to watch the kids play badminton and tennis in the garden and that their will be many a year when they are grown and gone and we can tend a garden full of pristine flowers and fruit and veg. Till then I suppose I’ll just keep on buying the compost and trying to please everyone.

Have a look at this fun  sports quiz been put together by Compost Direct and embrace a summer of sport in you garden.


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