CosmEthics An easy way to find non toxic products for children

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I am really excited to introduce you to the  CosmEthics app (available on iOS and Android) it is rather fabulous!

It enables users to get a quick understanding of cosmetic products’ ingredients, and in addition to default alerts, the users can personalise alerts (add ready made lists such as “sensitisers”, or add any single ingredient e.g because of an allergy).

The “CosmEthics” app is free to download on both iOS and Android platforms.


It’s actually very simple to use ( I find the best apps always are.) When you launch the App  it turns into a barcode scanner / reader on your smartphone. You simply scan your product barcode  and you will have an analysis of your cosmetics products in seconds.

If the product you have scanned in has healthier alternatives, they  will suggest them to you.

Let me show you how easy it is ….

So as a life long veggie I subscribed to vegan alerts so when I scan products this will be considered. So take look at my experiment:

I chose my product ….


Then I just put the scanner over the barcode on my product…



It immediately scanned it in (without me having to type anything) and my vegan alert came up straight away to tell me the glycerin used in this product was not identified  as vegan and potentially unsafe for me to use.


How good is that and how very useful. It certainly saves time trying to decipher tiny written ingredient lists that are not always very specific anyway.

This is the best app I have used in a long time and I know we will use it regularly. It could be really important for people with allergens and significant for the health and well being

Hugely impressed here!



The Company

CosmEthics Ltd.  is a startup based in Finland, and their mission is to help people find non-toxic products, and help in various situations (allergies, lifestyle and personal preference) to find the best products based on the compositions. You can learn more about their services on



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