Gameband + Minecraft Review

This summer we have been lucky enough to have been given a Gameband + Minecraft to review.


I have  to tell you straight off Minecraft goes pretty much over my head but I know my kids love it and it involves building! Am a ‘with it ‘ parent I am sure you can tell.

Very simply The Gameband + Minecraft is the world’s first wearable Minecraft experience! It is is a high-tech band that you wear on your wrist and it enables you to  take the full Minecraft experience everywhere you go.

One thing I do know about Minecraft is that kids like to hook up with their friends on it and an finding and extra device that also has it installed can be tricky. I gave the Gameband to my son and he was totally thrilled with it.

Apparently reasons this gadget is so cool are as follows…..

  • He can now take his already created worlds with him wherever he goes (which really helps)
  • The Gameband is the coolest watch /calender ever
  • The other person doesn’t need to have or download Minecraft for it to work so he can even play it at grans. Apparently you are  playing the game within the band rather than the computer itself
  • It has some really cool and special features.

Frankie is loving it. It looks amazing and is very robust and is useful, exciting addition to the game.

The Gameband + Minecraft costs £64.99 and will be available at Dixons and can be purchased from It comes in both diamond and redstone editions

I have a competition to win Gameband + Minecraft  over at  my Family Budgeting blog this month

gameband + minecraft review



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