Funky jewellery pieces to jazz up your outfit

Ah, I adore a bit of funky jewellery, don’t you?

I have always loved clothes and I like to change my ‘look’ on a regular basis. There are limits however to how many new clothes I can afford on a budget so I have to be creative and smart when it comes to fashion.


funky jewellery


funky jewellery

I have embraced thrift shops in the past to update my wardrobe and this is a great way to find some frugal fashion. I have even dyed clothes in the past ( with limited success) in an attempt to transform an outfit.

One of my most favourite ways to jazz up an outfit though is with accessories. Hats, glasses and bags are the ones that spring to mind but actually there are so many ways!

When I was young cool and funky badges were the way to go but those days are far behind me now! Patches too on my jeans were also a great thrifty accessory often featuring my favourite boy’s band of the time or some kind of slogan. Those were the days!

Belts over shirts or with trousers can be fabulous from glittery huge belts to pencil-thin patent belts can dramatically jazz up an outfit and change an entire look in terms of shaping and vibe. These are inexpensive and can be worn in  variety of ways. They are of course practical too!

I have always loved to accessories with scarves. Adding a scarf can totally transform an outfit and there are just so many ways to tie a scarf that it really can be an interesting addition.

Jewellery is one of my preferred ways of jazzing up an outfit and it is amazing how a simple piece of jewellery can change a look.

A statement necklace can absolutely transform a simple t-shirt. A tie pin can have a similar impact on a shirt. Style can ooze from the simplest of outfits with the right accessory as it really can draw the eye.

This wedding brooch, for example, is such a glorious art deco piece and would make a black blazer or jumper look so elegant, wouldn’t it?

All featured brooches from Boho 

Funky jewellery – brooches

If you were looking for something more vintage a cameo brooch would be perfect.  The diamonds in the surround would add some sparkle and image is beautifully classic. I can imagine this with a ruffle blouse or velvet leggings. Gorgeous. It would really elevate the right outfit.


Brooches are a brilliant way to jazz up an outfit.

This red stone brooch is such a stunning piece and would looks like a mini piece of contemporary art. Can you imagine this against a white blouse. Wouldn’t it look stunning and really life the outfit?

I think it is just such a striking piece and it would make an outfit look so individual.

My grandma had quite the collection of brooches and I would love to see familiar favourites on new outfits. It was like seeing old friends. They woudl look different every time too depending on what she wore them with. My favourite of hers was a foxes head in gold with jewelled eyes. It was simple and yet so beautiful. I was mesmerised by it,

Brooches are currently having a huge comeback and rightly so. They can add drama, elegance, colour and interest to a n outfit and literally change it. They are a great way to add something to an outfit you love without huge expense.



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