Flubit gives you AMAZING SAVINGS on anything you want to buy


I will never be without Flubit again.

Flubit exists to create you a better offer on a product you have found to buy.. When you pop in the URL of a product you wish to buy , you tell Flubit where you would have bought the item from if Flubit didn’t exist. They then take this price (plus delivery costs) and create you an offer that is lower than this total price, for the same product. (They only do this process with legitimate, UK based companies. ) This takes them 48 hours.

It doesn’t cost you penny for the service and even after you have the offer you are under no obligation to buy.

I was invited to put it to the test and spend £50 . I bought some very practical items that I needed


 A plug for the VTech innotab

What I would have paid at amazon.co.uk: £6.99

The best offer the Flubit team created for me: £5.40
Saving me £1.59   23%
Philips cd player and radio
What I would have paid at amazon.co.uk:£25.99
The best offer the Flubit team created for me: £21.47
Saving me £4.52  18%
My best saving (and my favourite purchase) was a shopping trolley my therapy bits and bobs (have promised the kids wont use it shopping..not just yet!)
What I would have paid at amazon.co.uk:£18.99
The best offer the Flubit  team created for me:£13.13
Saving me £5.86 a whopping 31%
Amazing savings!
Trialing it was such a revelation,  you are under no obligation to buy the offers Flubit creates so pop over and give it a challenge. I honestly think you will say its a triumph and never be without it since. You will be delighted to have found and tell all your friends too. I can’t shut up about it.

Fabulous Flubit so glad I’ve found you!


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